Booby Trap

Did you happen to read that in response to a growing cultural frenzy to attain “ideal" beauty, mannequins in Venezuela are now being designed with gargantuan breasts? Evidently, women there are flocking to cosmetic augmentation aimed at making their boobs the size of Mini Cooper sedans.

I pass no judgment. I respect the right of every woman to govern her own mind, body and soul. I get it. I have even given thought to the prospect myself. I’m sure many of us have entertained the idea. My hope would be that it is a decision that truly comes from within, not to please anyone else. Ultimately, I guess my sense of my own breasts as friendly little companions has kept me as far as possible from unnecessary violation.  And of course, for entirely too many, breast surgery has life and death implications.

But here’s the thing. Whether our breasts are enormous or nonexistent, what makes a person beautiful or sexy, is attitude and desire. Something deeply internal. I wonder if we women use this yardstick on men, yet hold ourselves to a different, excruciating standard.  But I fear no amount of silicone will fill that void. In fact, I’m thinking eventually even the biggest breasts might begin to seem small again.

I have made art since I was a little girl and now make my living at it. An important part of being an artist includes seeking to understand beauty of all kinds.
But you don’t need me to tell you.

There is no ideal.

So when the mannequins here begin to change, I say let’s keep our heads.
There is no trap into which we must fall.

p.s. I would love to hear input on this topic from men and women alike.